School of Business and Management of Technology BSU

Address: Oktiabrskaya Str. 4, office 208
Postcode: 220030
City: Minsk
Country: Belarus

The School of Business & Management of Technology (SBMT) has been established in 1996, becoming a forerunner in improving the EU/BY relations. It has developed close partnership ties with a number of Western universities and has taken part actively in international projects. The school offers programs in business studies and information technology and in recent times also programs in logistics (incl. customs). SBMT will benefit most from working together with EU transport and administrative professionals, thus being able to introduce more commercial thinking on grassroot transport management level. It will be actively involved in work package 3 to 5. In work package 4 it will organize together with Polytechnic a short "Transport & Logistics Coaching Workshop" and coordinate the optional Staff Exchange Programme for Blearussian partners and will disseminate the ACL outputs on national academic and business level.