Project Achievements

The overall aim of Amber Coast Logistics was to support the development of multimodal logistics centers in the southern and eastern Baltic Sea region and thereby improve the accessibility of remote areas. The project was therefore divided into different work packages – all contributing to achieve this uppermost goal. In these work packages the project partners are working on different studies and research paper.

Please find below all studies, research papers, project reports and intermediate results according to their thematic area.

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General information
Results and Recommendations
Promoting local logistics solutions

This project brochure is promoting logistics solutions offered within the Amber Coast region, in order to better integrate areas with low accessibility.

Multi-modal transport action program

Fundamental findings of the past work have been merged in form of a summary paper, containing the findings of several studies on the southeastern Baltic Sea region.

ACL mid-term results

English version of the ACL mid-term brochure.

Результаты в среднесрочной перспективе

Russian version of the ACL mid-term brochure.

ACL project flyer

The project Amber Coast Logistics in a nutshell.